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by Martin Deans - Thursday, 13 February 2014, 9:57 AM



8TH OF MARCH | 11:00 – 6:00 | UNIVERSITY OF HUDDERSFIELD | £5 PER TICKET | | FB: Huddersfield Manga Con

 The Manga Con is a celebration of mainly two things: Manga, a highly artistic style of comic book, and Anime, or animation, both of which are centred in Japan.  They cover a wide range of genres, anything from robots and aliens to complex love stories, and have a huge following all across the world.  And at the convention, that is exactly what you can see.  Talented and uprising artists will populate the Artists’ Alley, where you can buy their work and maybe ask for a drawing. There will be Japanese literature and reading activities, Cosplay competition, Artist competition, live music and dance performances, and various other stage events, but that’s not all.  Artists will run ‘how-to-draw’ workshops, there’ll be a Japanese food court, Manga stalls to browse, and a games room and loli-lounge (loli being short for Lolita, a very cute style of dressing). 

We are looking for creative students from all departments to get involved in the event. Photographers, artists and performers, if you are interested, contact for more information. "