Mental Health Awareness Week - Day 1

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Mental Health Awareness Week - Day 1
by Martin Deans - Monday, 14 May 2018, 12:04 PM

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As we start this week supporting mental health awareness I wanted to ask: What is stress?

Stress is the overwhelming feeling that things are getting on top of me. I’m struggling to keep everything going (workload, exams, relationships, family, money worries to name but a few). I worry all of the time with these thoughts racing through my mind. I keep going over and over things. Everything is building up one thing on top of another and I just can’t cope! I feel like screaming and shouting, I want to run away from everthing, I feel like my anxiety has got the better of me, so much so I feel physically ill.  I can’t think rationally but are these my stress responses? My emotions are much more intense, what can I do? Someone please help, I’m a student get me out of here!!!!!!!

Remember it’s ok not to be ok, it’s okay to ask for help. If you feel that you are struggling to manage on your own, then reach out. It is important to know that you can get help, and that no matter who you are, what your background is, you deserve it! Often the quicker we seek help the better we feel, without things becoming worse. Today I would like to make you aware of some of the help and support you can access at college:

  • KC Counselling Service for Students

  • KC Chaplaincy

  • AFAN Rooms

  • Progress Coaches

  • Care Coordinators

  • Safeguarding Team

Please access the toolkit below for more information on the services listed above, and how to access them.

Take care everyone and see you again tomorrow, for more about looking after our mental health and wellbeing!

Emma Townsend

EDI Manager