Video ID parade - Volunteers required

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Video ID parade - Volunteers required
by Martin Deans - Tuesday, 8 May 2018, 12:41 PM

A team representing West Yorkshire Police / Police and Crime Commissioner will be in college situated in the atrium (skylight) at Huddersfield Centre on the 9th/10th May seeking volunteers to be recorded and have their images stored on the National VIPER Video Identification Database. All participants will be given £10 in exchange for agreement to store and use the images if appropriate.

All students under 18 need parental consent so would have to complete the attached form in advance with a parents or guardian signature.


The following need to be observed by the participant.


  • Females and males have no jewellery on, it would need to be taken off during the recording.
  • No makeup or very minimal as long as it doesn’t stand out
  • No branded clothing that is visible above shoulders (mainly logos etc that can be distinctive in a line up)