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by Martin Deans - Wednesday, 24 May 2017, 9:07 AM

Dear all,

We are all saddened by events at the Manchester Arena earlier this week. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those immediately affected, as well as the wider Manchester community. We understand that there may be students and/or staff in college who attended the concert themselves or know someone who was there. The police are asking for anyone who was at the event and has any information, to contact them directly.


If you are a student and have been affected by the events and want some support, or just to talk, please contact your tutor or progress coach.


If you are a member of staff, please contact your line manager or HR business partner in the first instance.


The college is a member of the local steering group working across Kirklees to monitor and coordinate responses to potential threats to regional and national security. As you will be aware the Prime Minister has announced that the UK threat level has now been raised to ‘critical’.


Remain alert


During your daily life, as well as when you are in college as a member of staff or student please remember:


  • The National threat level is now ‘critical’ – the UK has been at this level before please remain alert and vigilant but not alarmed.

  • Wherever you are, everyone should be vigilant of their surroundings at all times, particularly around the entries and exits of business or organisational buildings. Take care when entering or leaving to ensure that any access control, pedestrian or vehicle doors or gates have properly closed behind you and that no one has gained unauthorised access.

  • Anyone not displaying their lanyards in college must be challenged.  

  • Be vigilant at all times - recognise and report all suspicious behaviour.

  • It should be business as usual - but with increased vigilance and awareness.

  • Be ‘Alert not Alarmed’.


In the event that you see or hear something which you suspect or believe to be suspicious please contact the Police and inform security on ext.7292 immediately:


999 in an emergency

101 for non-urgent reporting

0800 789 321 – Confidential Anti-Terrorism Hot Line.


Remember, you do not need to be correct in your suspicions or belief. You are not wasting Police time. If all you have is a “gut feeling” that something is wrong - it is important that you contact the Police.


The college is receiving regular updates and advice from the relevant authorities and will make sure everyone is kept up-to-date.


Melanie Brooke

Vice Principal