Top 20 fitness trends week 2

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Top 20 fitness trends week 2
by Sean Palmer - Monday, 6 February 2017, 8:12 AM

Bodyweight training

Physical exercise has become increasingly more popular over the last couple of years as people want to be more active and healthier overall, this will only continue to grow with the years to come.

Even though it is becoming more popular there are still things that are keeping people from exercising, these being that some people can't afford a gym membership or expensive equipment, if this is the case then maybe you could try bodyweight training.

Bodyweight training is using your own weight as the resistance for the exercise as opposed to using traditional weights, this type of training is great because it requires no equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere so it's absolutely free!

Even if you do have a gym membership or have access to equipment these exercises are good thing to use to throw some variation into your workout.

Below is a list of some examples of exercises along with some pictures to demonstrate the exercise.


Push up / Press up



Walking lunges