AFAN (All Faiths and None) Rooms on campus

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AFAN (All Faiths and None) Rooms on campus
by Martin Deans - Wednesday, 9 November 2016, 9:38 AM

AFAN (All Faiths and None) Rooms 

The college now has 4 new AFAN (All Faiths and None) rooms for students and staff members to use.

The multi-faith AFAN room is designed to be conducive to individual prayer, meditation and reflection and contains appropriate facilities to assist the prayers of members of major religious traditions. While the multi-faith AFAN room can be used for individual prayer, it is recognised that for Muslim prayer there is an additional blessing when the faithful pray with another or others. While this is fully respected, it is expected that the multi-faith AFAN room will be shared openly with those of other religious traditions who may wish to pray at the same time and those who may just wish to think and reflect.

Below are the sites in which the rooms are at with room numbers provided.


  • Huddersfield Centre – AFAN Room B.00.19  -  Wash Room – B.00.021

  • Engineering Centre – E.1.27 

  • Dewsbury Centre – C.0.55

  • Wheelwright Centre – Room W.3.28

If you wish to use the room please see a member of reception to obtain the key and sign in/out as required.

For further guidance and rules on using the rooms please see the attached document.

Daniel Khan

Student Support Team Leader