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by Sean Palmer - Monday, 7 March 2016, 8:19 AM

 If you want to take your fitness to new heights, inches up might be more important than inches off.


If your competitive edge is what gets you to the gym, then plyometrics (jump training) is the thing for you.  

While plyo is also great for getting lean, the way it conditions the body to produce fast, powerful and explosive movements can improve sports performance like no other.

When we jump, muscles are stretched for a split second - essentially spring-loading them like pulling back a sling shot - then released. This kind of movement forces the muscles to contract with significant force, giving you an explosive movement. The result is toned, athletic muscle development.


Targeting certain muscles with enough plyometric training has been proven to result in faster running, higher jumping, harder throws and stronger hits. 

Jumps aren’t the only things getting high in plyo. Research into heart rate during different types of training shows plyometrics can get you very high.


Controlled testing on heart rates in LES MILLS GRIT Cardio, Strength and Plyo showed all got pretty high but Plyo was through the roof. 


If getting high isn’t your thing don’t rule out plyo yet, there are plenty of other great benefits

by Isabel Fenwick