YOUR BRITISH VALUES - Film and poster Competition!

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YOUR BRITISH VALUES - Film and poster Competition!
by Martin Deans - Monday, 4 January 2016, 10:24 AM

Open to all students at all levels, working in groups or as individuals.

DEADLINE: JANUARY 29th 2016          

Fantastic prizes for winners and runners up!

Values are standards, morals, ethics or principles. Our values are reflected in what we believe and how we act.

In Kirklees College, our values are very important for all students, staff and visitors. We value our values!

What do the values mean to you?

We are looking for visually striking posters and innovative short films that promote our values to everyone in college to help them understand what these values mean.

Posters will be A4 or A3 when printed.

Films should be 3 - 5 minutes long.


British values are all included in Kirklees College equality and diversity and safeguarding standards.

They are:






How important is freedom of speech or freedom of choice? What does democracy mean to young people? Do young people vote? What do they vote for? College is full of different people who have different faiths or beliefs; how can we make sure everyone is treated with respect? What happens if you break the law? Who does Equality Law protect?


Everyone needs to know about these values but some people don’t. How can we tell people in a simple, positive and visual way what these values mean?

You might choose on value to focus on, or maybe more than one, maybe all of them – it’s up to you!


Short films are useful to students to help raise awareness of how important our values are. Does everyone know exactly what they mean? How can you use film to explain what they are? You might choose to look at all the values listed above, or you may prefer to look in more depth at one or two. Make the film you would want to see!


Helpful hints:

Films can be submitted on memory stick, via e mail as attachment or on a DVD.

Posters can be submitted on A4 or A3 paper , via e mail or on memory stick.

PowerPoint have poster templates you can use.

The information should be easy to read so be careful choosing fonts.

Colours are good but too many can be confusing.

Images/ pictures help to convey a visual message.

Putting a thin border around images can help them stand out.

Make sure the sound is good on film entries!

Talk to your Progress Coach for more information and guidance.


DEADLINE: Friday 29th January 2016.

All entries will be judged by a panel which will include:


Senior staff

External experts


Judging categories:

Film : One first prize: £250 in high street vouchers

Film : One second prize: £150 in high street vouchers

Film : One third prize: £100 in high street vouchers

Highly commended shortlisted films will receive £50 in high street vouchers


Poster : Four first prizes: £ 250 in high street vouchers

Poster: Four second prizes : £150 in high street vouchers

Highly commended shortlisted posters will receive £50 in high street vouchers