Huddersfield Centre - Unauthorised and illegal parking

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Huddersfield Centre - Unauthorised and illegal parking
by Martin Deans - Friday, 15 May 2015, 12:04 PM

Unauthorised car parking – Huddersfield Centre staff car park


All students are reminded that the Huddersfield Centre car park is a private car park for permit holders only. Parking is only allowed in the numbered bays by members of staff who have been allocated a specific space having paid a yearly charge.


We are receiving daily complaints from staff that their spaces are regularly being used by other staff or students.


Security will be carrying out car park patrols to ensure that only authorised staff are using the allocated spaces.


If students are found to be parking without a permit they will be asked to remove the vehicle and their tutor will be informed and appropriate disciplinary action taken.


Illegal car parking - Canal side (next to Huddersfield Centre)


All students are also reminded that the land adjacent to the college private car park and the tow path should not be used for parking vehicles. This land belongs to Kirklees Council and British Waterways.


On our request Kirklees Council will now be sending parking attendants to Huddersfield Centre to patrol these two areas. Any vehicles parking in these areas are illegally parked and will receive a ticket which carries a parking fine.


British Waterways are now in the process of installing bollards to prevent any vehicles accessing the tow path in future.


If there is no improvement the college are considering using a car park management company which would result in fines starting at £80 for illegal parking.


Please be respectful and adhere to these parking guidelines and keep this access route clear for emergency vehicles and canal traffic.